Zoom Heartbreak Home Adornment - Paris
Zoom Heartbreak Home Adornment - Paris
Zoom Heartbreak Home Adornment - Paris

Heartbreak Home Adornment - Paris


Recently we have started making items of adornment for our homes. Many of these items are part of our Heartbreak collection, which takes as its founding motivation the need we have to honour the important events in our lives, whether those events are sources of grief or of joy. These pieces are labelled with their origin story, and we encourage you to add to that story with your own motivation for buying the piece and the life event which it marks. Of course, sometimes that story is as simple as ‘I deserve things of beauty in my home’.

This piece is called Paris. My colleague and I exhibited at Maison et Objet, a design trade show in Paris, in 2016, 2017, and 2018. We got to live together in flats in Paris and get to know the city during that time. It was really special. We made the first of this design for one of those shows. 

We will be making ten of these in total. One is in stock, and the rest are available to pre-order, to be shipped three weeks after ordering. 

Glass Beads 
Unknown Metal Pin
Strong Nylon Thread 

23cm/9in wide, 27cm/10.6in long.

Twenty hours of intricate hand-weaving. 

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