Zoom Winter Sale Bundle 15

Winter Sale Bundle 15

R2,150.00 Regular price R8,600.00

By popular demand, we are having a second online sale this year. This sale is for items which don't meet our strict quality requirements, such as items which have been on display for a while or where the chain oxidised due to smoke from the fire, items which have silver chain when we normally only make them with gold, or which have been discontinued. Thus, they are a serious bargain! Once they're gone, they're gone. Items cannot be 'debundled'. That said, there are also some single pieces on sale, so do look through the whole selection just in case.  

This bundle has a Twelve Apostles Necklace, an Iona Necklace and a pair of Twelve Apostles Elements Earrings.

1: 48cm/18.9in long. Sterling Silver chain. Reason for sale: discontinuing colour.

2: 48cm/18.9in long. Sterling Silver chain. Reason for sale: discontinuing colour.

3. 4cm/1.6in long and 2.5cm/1in wide. Sterling Silver hooks and Rose Gold-filled chain. Reason for sale: discontinuing silver hooks option.

Please note discount codes must not be used on sale bundles.

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