The Thousand Hills Necklace

Image of Lungi Morrison Wearing a Thousand Hills Necklace in Copper and Silver

My lovely friend Lungi Morrison, wearing a Thousand Hills Necklace in Copper and Silver, walking through the forest close to our studio.

Welcome to the first post in this series, the purpose of which is to introduce you to each of the beautiful pieces we make at Beloved.

I tend to be of the opinion that in online shops, product descriptions should be short, sweet and functional. That said, as anyone who has been into one of my shops when I am there can attest, I could wax lyrical about each of the products we make for hours. So I decided to compromise, and write a post on each of our pieces here.

Tamburai Chirume wearing a Thousand Hills Necklace in Red, Gold and Silver
Beautifully powerful business woman, Tamburai Chirume, wearing a Thousand Hills Necklace in Red, Gold and Silver.

This necklace is one of the first larger necklaces we made. It felt outlandish when we began. Could we really spend eighteen hours on one piece?! It went into our shops with trepidation.

We needn't have worried. One of our best sellers, the gold version now sells in the V&A London's beautifully curated shop, and I'm in serious trouble with my colleagues who run our Waterfront shop if we don't have at least one of each colour in stock. Deciding on the beads to use in these is like a fun, beautiful puzzle. They have to graduate perfectly whilst also changing dramatically, so that the eventual piece is colourful geometric wonder.

I really love hearing from people who have bought a Thousand Hills Necklace, planning on wearing it for special occasions with just the right dress. Soon enough, they find it is calling to them all the time, and it is worn day to day too. 

Tamburai again, this time at Sea Point in Cape Town, at dusk. 

If you own a Thousand Hills Necklace, please consider posting a photo of yourself wearing it and tagging us. We're always so happy to see Beloveds being worn and loved.

Anna x