Consulting Services

I began Beloved in 2009 with no formal design training, but a degree in anthropology and economics, and quite a bit of community work experience. Having supported NGOs with beadwork product development and training, I could see that there was a market for high quality, time intense beadwork which wasn’t being met. I could also see that there were some seriously talented unemployed people in this city looking for sustainable and dignified jobs.

Over the years I’ve developed knowledge around material procurement, importing materials, exporting products, product testing and development, and creating a positive workplace dynamic. It has been an intense but valuable learning experience. Rather than keeping this knowledge to myself, I’ve decided to add another string to my bow and offer consulting services!

If you are an income generation project or a small to medium creative business, and you need help finding the materials you use at the best price, widening your materials options, gaining the confidence to import or export, training staff in beadwork skills, or with integrating principals of social justice, dignity and fair risk-sharing into your workplace, please get in touch via our Contact Us page to set up an introductory meeting.