Shipping, Sizing etc

How Long Does Shipping Take?
We would love to be able to ship the same day, and are working towards that, but please bear in mind we are a small business. We are able to ship most orders within a week of receiving payment, with many leaving sooner than that. While we try to keep most items in stock, sometimes we make your piece especially for you.

We use shipping services which guarantee arrival within a week anywhere in the world.

If you're ordering a gift, or you have some other time constraint, please add a note when you place your order.

Shipping Costs

International shipping is free on orders over R2000, and R300 on orders under that amount. 

South African shipping is free on orders over R500, and R50 on orders under that amount.

Customs Duties and Taxes 

Every country has different rules regarding import duties and taxes. Many parcels arrive without a request for any additional payment, but please be aware that your country's import tax authorities may make such a request. If you're at all nervous about this, please send us an email on and we will do some research for you.

Payment Options

We offer two payment methods - Payfast and PayPal. Payfast payments go through instantly and require no further steps on your part. South African exchange controls mandate that payments must be made in South African Rand. So while the cost is visible to you in your currency, you are not able to pay in your currency on the final payment page. Please note that we overestimate the conversion, meaning that you will always end up being charged slightly less in your currency than you expected.

We understand that some people are more comfortable paying in their own currency, and through a platform they know. For this reason we also offer a PayPal option. Using this method, we will send you a PayPal request, which will arrive in your email. You will need to click on the link to pay this before your order can proceed.


I'm Beloved's founding designer, Anna. I'm tall, broad, and have large feet! I know what it feels like to walk into a shop and feel immense disappointment (and discrimination) when nothing fits you. So at Beloved we're committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to buy our products will feel comfortable in them. And we want you to know that we want you to wear our jewellery, and we are honoured that you would choose us.

Our 'standard' measurements are listed next to each piece. Should you need a different size, please email us on when you have placed your order will us, or add a note to your order, with the sizes you require for each piece, and we will ensure that you receive perfectly sized items.

For most necklaces, such as the Calabash, Thousand Hills, and Twelve Apostles Necklaces, we are able to shorten them easily. In order to make them longer, we will add a small, elegant extension chain.

This extension chain will also be available to purchase on our website soon. However, this is only intended for people who want to be able to wear their jewellery at a variety of lengths. If you need one because our sizes aren't right for you, then please don't order one - it is our pleasure to do this work free of charge.

At present, the largest size of ring we're able to offer is a US size 10, unfortunately. This is due to an outside manufacturer's decision. We are looking for a different supplier so that we would be able to offer larger sizes. Smaller sizes than those listed are possible, but please send us an email before placing an order to double check.


We are only able to offer returns on faulty or incorrectly sized items. The logistics of offering returns on international shipping are just too much for a small company like ours to carry. Please be assured that the colours displayed are very true to life and the measurements and materials lists are accurate. 

In the rare event that there is a fault with your item, please contact us before returning it, so that we can give you instructions on how to label the item.


Our items are guaranteed for a year, ie we will refund, repair or replace any faulty item. The only exception is where an item has clearly been mistreated, such as being left in bright sunlight for more than a week, having contact with damaging chemicals, or trodden on! Please see our 'Caring For Your Beloved' page for more details.

Should you need to return a faulty item within a year of purchase, please contact us before returning it, so that we can give you instructions on how to label it.


If you have any questions which aren't answered here, please feel free to email me on