Current Offers

Why do we offer discounts? Short answer: It's complicated!

Long answer: our production ethics differ from the norm. In most clothing and accessory production chains the people actually doing the manufacturing have no guarantees of income. They work when there is demand. This is true of the big fast fashion brands who outsource to factories far away from their primary markets. It is also, surprisingly, often true of small maker-to-market businesses like ours. In many small businesses and organisations, manufacturing staff are treated as independent contractors who invoice for their work.

Beloved is different. All of our staff are permanent employees with all of the rights afforded to permanent employees under South African employment law. That means that every month, come rain or shine, our wage bill remains the same.

We are mindful of who our Beloved customers are. We sell our lovely pieces to a wide variety of people who have a wide variety of incomes. For many, a lifelong commitment to working towards social and economic justice, the pursuit of scientific discovery or other academic inquiry, engaging in crucial care work, or working for the furtherance of public health has meant sacrificing potential income. We want people who have made that sacrifice to be able to wear Beloved. And these sales help us to sustain our business.

So if the discount codes offered below make the difference between being able to buy Beloved or not, please do use them. Doing so will contribute to the stability of our team. If you are able to forgo the discount and pay the full price, please know that you are helping us to grow, to design beautiful new pieces, and you are contributing to our future survival.

Codes to use at checkout:

Orders over R4500 receive 30% off at the checkout. Use code: YEAY
Orders over R3500 receive 25% off at the checkout. Use code: YIPPEE
Orders over R2500 receive 20% off at the checkout. Use code: HALALA

If you are a local customer (ordering for delivery within South Africa and using Yoco), please use the code LoveLocal at the checkout.

Please note that these discounts do not apply to special offers, such as buy one get one free.

If you have ordered from us before and received a discount code on a card with your order, please use this at the checkout.